About us

„Dzipars” is a company which is located in Aluksne. Aluksne is a small town 200km apart capital city Riga. Our company employs 30 workers – not only weavers, but also dressmakers and winders. All production is hand-woven from natural flax fibres or wool on wooden-frame looms. In the old days, these looms were a part of every country home in Latvia now you can find them at Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum in Riga. We use traditional Latvian weaving techniques, combining them with modern design.
We believe that our production is timeless value because of its unique features. Our company is trying to find new ideas every day to make our production  more and more special. Desires of our clients are priority for us, therefore we are always ready to find the best for you. „Dzipars” production has become highly valued worldwide, therefore our client list is growing rapidly each year.

If you need more information about our production please contact us using email: [email protected]

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