Salon “Dzipars” was founded in year 1993 in order to sell the production of ltd “Dzipari S” which is hand-woven from natural flax fibres or wool on wooden-frame looms. In our salon it is possible to purchase not only all kind of our goods but also production of other Latvian and European producers. Each of our artistic handworks can be an excellent present both you, and others. In contradistinction to other salons like this one we make a point of Latvian production because of its unique features – quality and texture. In the course of time our salon has substantially changed. Now there is a wide choice of range of products and also the space of salon has become larger. Our salon has become an important part of Aluksne town and it is very popular also among the tourists and other visitors. We found also interresting the fact that salon changes its decorations and atmosphere due to succession of the seasons.
Desires of our clients are priority for us, therefore we are always ready to find the best for you.

Salon “Dzipars” is located in ALUKSNE, Pils street 21b, telephone -  +371 64381325; email: [email protected] You can look for our production also in LIEPAJA, salon "Dzīparbodīte", Kungu street 3, telephone: +371 64381325, email: [email protected]

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